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Plumbing and Heating Specialists, London

About Charles Fairing Plumbing and Heating, London

As we are a family business we pride ourselves on providing a top quality service and being upfront and open with our customers, you can rest assured that you will know how much it will cost before the work starts so don't have to be worried about hidden charges.

Charles Fairing Plumbing and Heating Specialists are able to provide services for heating, plumbing, bathrooms, drain clearing, electrics, appliance repairs, carpentry, roofing and building for all your domestic maintenance requirements.

A transparent charging system at economical rates, guaranteed work with a 24 hour service response, and all our engineers are highly experienced and skilled in their craft and add to our reputation for customer satisfaction.

Our call service is a guaranteed 24 hour service if in contract.

All our engineers, are highly experienced, fully insured and skilled in their craft which adds to our reputation for customer satisfaction.

We carry out a free loyalty card system for igned up current customers that will reduce your plumbing and heating cost by 20%.